Shared Blessings Child Development Center is located in downtown Chippewa Falls, WI.

The center opened in February 2015, providing care for children 6 weeks of age through age 10. Shared Blessings is licensed for 42 children, and is excited about upcoming opportunities to offer BB4C.  The staff at Shared Blessings have a great deal of education and experience beyond childcare. Multiple staff have experience working with special needs children, providing applied behavior analysis.  This provides special knowledge in handling challenging behavior and understanding of child development. 

Shared Blessings does strive to provide a community feel, working collaboratively with parents to best meet the needs of each child. Primary efforts focus on providing skill acquisition through reinforcing desired behaviors, exposure, and modeling. The center does offer family fun night as a means to interact with parents and children, and build positive relationships.

In addition, Shared Blessings does continually strive to improve. Feedback from parents, staff, children, and the community is valuable in this process.  Staff do participate in a variety of continuing education to enhance their knowledge and teaching skills.  Shared Blessings staff consider it a privilege to care for each child enrolled at the center.

In addition, we strive to collaborate with parents in every aspect possible. We understand that consistency and structure is important for all, especially children. We aspire to have families in a role of responsibility, taking initiative to lead care for their child, communicate any special needs or requests, and maintain financial obligations which allow the center to uphold their responsibilities.